How do I make my Pro Tools session small enough for file transfer?

In by Blake Eiseman

Digital audio requires relatively large file sizes for high quality audio. But there is one trick built into Pro Tools to allow you to remove all unused media and make sure your session is as small as possible, before transferring.

If you are using Pro Tools, follow these steps before attempting to send the session.

  1. In the Clips bin (or Regions bin for older versions of Pro tools) on the right of the edit window, select the downward arrow to open the Clips menu.
  2. Highlight “Select” and then click on “Unused.” This will highlight all the clips that are in your session, but are not being used. This would include all additional vocal takes, or anything you recorded or imported, but decided not to use in your final session. Obviously these clips are not needed for the mix, so it’s ok for us to exclude them.
  3. Open the Clips menu again, and click on “Clear…”
  4. In the window that opens, click on “Remove.” (Do not click on Delete, because that will permanently delete these files from your hard drive).

Now that you have done this, go to the section in the FAQ, entitled How can I make sure all my audio will be included when I send my Pro tools session? This will explain the process of sending the session properly so that there is no missing audio.