I am proud to offer customer service that is second to none.  That’s why I am honored to have reviews from actual clients like the ones below.  Clients are my top priority, so your words mean the world to me.

“I discovered Blake after researching the credits on some of our favourite records. At first we were hesitant to work over the internet, wondering how it would work with communication and revisions, etc. The was no reason for concern though … it all worked out perfectly. We were blown away by Blake’s mixing skills and the small adjustments we required were easily sorted over video chat and email. We’ll be using Blake for all our future tracks … he’s extremely talented and understands our sound. We secretly call him ‘The Iceman’ too … but don’t tell Montell Jordan.”Adam Sait, Killbot Kindergarten
“Working with Blake was a really great experience. I was initially apprehensive about hiring a mixing engineer online but Blake met all my expectations and more. Finishing an album is a stressful process so I am glad I had a professional on my side to help guide me through the final steps.”Aric Powell, Matterplay
“Blake is a true professional and very reasonably priced. When Blake says he mixes hit records he really does. I’m from Melbourne Australia, and was a little apprehensive about the whole online mixing thing but Blake is a pro and when the mix came back I was blown away. It was the best move I’d made. Producer friends of mine couldn’t believe the sound of my songs. Blake is reliable and won’t let the mix go until you’re completely satisfied. If he says the mix will be there on Thursday it’ll be there on Thursday. Blake is not some guy mixing in his bedroom, he’s the real deal. It’s easy, just send him your files and he’ll send you back a radio ready track. The internet is a wonderful thing. I wouldn’t have had access to people like Blake before the internet.”A.J. Steel
“It’s such a great time to be an artist in the music industry and have access to top notch services in music production, especially the critical element of mixing. There is no better example of this than working with Blake Eiseman and Binksound. We chose Blake to mix our album for many reasons, but most importantly, his professionalism and track record of success. After many difficult experiences working with other services, Blake was a breath of fresh air. His credits are unmatched and he truly wants to help emerging and experienced artists alike achieve their goals.

If you are apprehensive to use online mixing services, Blake provides the best solution with a proven process for success. He embraced our project from day one and we worked together to create a project plan that fit our timelines and expectations. The file transfer process was seamless and he went to work right away on the first mixes. We had files back before we knew it! The songs were elevated to a new level and the clarity and cohesiveness he achieved well exceeded our expectations. He diligently listened to our feedback and the sound we were looking for and provided multiple mixes to achieve this. He also provided helpful feedback to make the mixes the best they can be and was very flexible to ensure we were 100% satisfied with the end result.

Thanks Blake! We look forward to working with you on our future projects.”Brant Koci

“I was hesitant having my song mixed by someone across the country that I have never met before, but Binksound is the real deal. Not only did I receive a quick encouraging reply from Blake, it was clear that he was very excited about mixing my song. The rates were surprisingly competitive, and most importantly for me, the time frame met my deadline. The entire process was hassle-free because of Blake’s professionalism and stellar communication. It felt as if I were their during the mix session. Binksound delivered on all the promises that were stated on the website. I am extremely pleased with my mix and will use Blake for future projects.”Christian C. Thompson
“Working with Blake has been fantastic. Even though we’re located half way across the world from his expertise, this has never been a burden in getting the work done. Upon initially contacting him, he was forthcoming and concise with how his service works. After we had prepared and exported a few of our tracks to go to mix, we uploaded and sent them to Blake, within 24 hours we would start to receive our first mixes and the tracks really came alive. We heard parts we hadn’t heard before and his take on a track offered a fresh perspective which had been overlooked in our original draft mixes. The quality of the work and his attention to detail were second to none, any changes were artistic and a matter of a opinion and he has always been more than happy to get back into the project and get it sounding exactly as you want it. Couldn’t ask for anymore from a mixing engineer! Thank you Blake!”David Franco
“When I hired Blake to mix my album I was to the point of almost pulling my hair out trying to mix it myself! Blake stepped in and navigated my tracks like the pro that he is. He eliminated tons of stress from trying to finish my record on my own and delivered mixes to me that were basically like I had envisioned them in the first place! All along, Blake was logical, patient, pleasant and extremely fast! I want Blake to mix all of the music that I release in the future because it was such an amazing experience.”Donn Aaron
“As an independent producer striving for excellence, it’s hard for me to find a mixing engineer that will both bring a top-shelf quality mix to the table AND dedicate his time to truly understanding my concept of how I think the mix should sound. When I found Blake at Binksound, I immediately related to his words, specially his ‘unlimited reviews’ policy. Not that I like to go back and forth just for the hell of it, but this left me at peace with my choice and made me feel like I was in charge of saying when the mix is finally done. Blake doesn’t just mix my songs so they sound powerful and bright, he’s willing to go deeper in understanding what I really want from the track. He’s been tireless and incredibly open to my reviews, and I’m grateful for that. His experience and sensibility for mixing have made me want to work with him twice in 5 months, and hopefully I’ll be able to work with him again in the future. It’s as clear as he himself puts it: He mixes hit records. Just check his credits… jaw-dropping.”Francisco Faria
“If you’re nervous about working with someone you’ve never met, I can understand that. But the real risk is paying some local engineer a slightly lower rate to mix your song. You’re not helping your career by knowing the amateur who’s mixing your music. Local amateurs aren’t good enough. Nowadays everybody’s got a mixer and Protools. Doesn’t mean a thing. When you’re serious about your music you invest in someone who has put mixes into the Top 40. Mixes that have gone platinum. Blake Eiseman’s mixes have done all that – even earning a Grammy nomination. Blake is the real deal. I’m not wary of online mixing. I’m wary of amateurs.”Jim Hopps
“A great mix is what I always wanted to get, working with mixing engineers. Now I can say I’ve got it! One day, with mixed feelings, I decided to have my songs mixed over the internet, and thank God it was Blake Eiseman. I appreciate that in every email to me, Blake was always ready for any revision, but his first mixes were so professional that I was only breathing a sigh of relief when I heard the sound out of my audio system. My experience was so great that now I have no choice but highly recommend Blake to everybody who wants to get – yeah, I’ve already got it – their own Great mix! Thank you so much, Blake!”Tina Lagu

“If you’re reading this review, it’s most likely because you’re shopping around for an online mixing engineer and you, understandably, have some trepidation over that. I myself had several negative experiences with online mixing engineers and you always feel like there’s an air of ‘I have no idea what I’m getting as I plop down my hard earned cash’. As someone who has a wealth of experience under his belt of trying several different online mixing engineers, I can tell you that hands down Blake is better than 95% or more of the engineers offering similar services, and will definitely get you a high quality mix at some very competitive and affordable pricing.

When I was shopping around for a new mixing engineer for my self-produced EP Polite Fiction, Blake was the most engaged with me. He actively communicated with me, answered all my questions promptly, and genuinely seemed like he was interested in obtaining my business, which isn’t something I can say about the other 4 engineers he was up against. Having an engineer legitimately interested in working on your material is important.

From the first mix he did, Blake just got it. He understood the sound and the style I was going for, and not only did he do an excellent job with the mixes themselves, but also imparted a good breadth of musical knowledge to enhance the productions themselves, such as adding additional sample layers to accent the sound in various parts of the songs. The most important thing when selecting an online mixing engineer, to me, is communication skills. Blake is always catching up with you, maintaining a dialogue back and forth so that you can arrive at a sound that is ultimately what you’re after. Many other online mixing engineers will often give you limited revisions or be resistant to making changes because they feel they know better. While at a technical level that’s most likely true, you should always be the master of the final sound of your own creation – and Blake is one of few engineers who really understands this concept and provides enough revisions as it takes to get it perfect for you. I can’t really stress how valuable that concept is.

I can’t recommend Blake enough – I recorded and produced my entire EP in my bedroom; no high priced studios or really expensive equipment, and the finished product that came out of the mixing sessions with Blake sounds like it was professionally produced from beginning to end.”

Travis Ratledge, Polite Fiction
“I’m a producer/songwriter from Sydney Australia and i can’t speak highly enough of my ‘go-to’ mixer Blake Eiseman. I can honestly tell you that Blake easily understood and fulfilled ALL of my mix requirements from my very first email to him via his online mix service. The end result speaks for itself, my productions sound world class thanks to Blake. The whole process of sending my files to him from the other side of the world via the Internet is effortless. He is a true professional in every sense, in his approach, execution and delivery. His mixes breathe, they have character, depth, warmth and are clever with total sonic accuracy. I don’t need anyone else mixing my tracks, I’m proud to have ‘Mixed by Blake Eiseman’ credited on my productions.”Zeljko Papic, The Song Boutique