The Mix In Review for September/October, 2014

In Mix in Review by Blake Eiseman

It’s time for another installment of The Mix In Review. Even though October is the month of my birthday, I didn’t have much time to take off because work continued, fast and furious, although this is going to be a relatively short update.

The studio hosted The Husel for another round of mixes. After the release of The Husel EP, we are now continuing work on a full length album.

I got to reconnect with Killbot Kindergarten, one of the first artists I worked with online. This time I got to participate in a compilation called Divinyls Reworked: A Tribute to Christy Amphlett, mixing a cover for the compilation. I also started mixing projects for reggae artist Conquering Rulers, EDM producer Snowmass, urban production team Bahamabeats, UK producer SynthKartell and pop artist Aya Romano, and Czech artist and producer, Rock Media.